Village Savings and Loan group (VSLg): An Effective Means of Promoting Financial Inclusion of the Poor

This VSL Technical Briefs series aims to provide a brief and accessible summary of the key learning points and policy implications from CARE Rwanda’s VSL programming to practitioners, policy-makers and the wider development community in Rwanda. This first brief in the series focuses on the issue of financial inclusion, namely how CARE’s SAFI project worked to reach the poorest and most marginalized, and the effectiveness of VSL as a methodology for promoting the access of those groups to financial services. The Sources box at the end of the brief provides links and references for any readers who need more detailed information.

  • PublicationDate: March 2012
  • Author(s): Sarah Gillingham
  • Related Programs: Vulnerable Women Program
  • Related Projects: SAFI
  • Related Partners: EER, ARTCF, AEE, DUTERIMBERE
  • Media Type: Document