Evaluation of Community Support and Mentoring for OVC

Evaluation of Community Support and Mentoring for OVC
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In late 2006, the Nkundabana model was extended to vulnerable children in Musanze district in the northern province under the Community Support and Mentoring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (COSMO) program, while efforts to strengthen the Nkundabana model continued in the southern province. The COSMO program is implemented by CARE International in Rwanda in partnership with ARCT-Ruhuka, a Rwandan association of trauma counselors supporting the psychosocial component, and Haguruka, a Rwandan legal aid organization supporting the legal and child protection component.

This report evaluates the success of the COSMO program as of March 2010. Please see the attached document for the full report.

  • PublicationDate: 1 Mar 2010
  • Author(s): Laura J. Haas, PhD Maggie Baingana Kali, LLM Bridget C. Lavin, MSPH
  • Related Programs: Orphaned and Vulnerable Children
  • Related Projects: NIPS
  • Related Partners: ARCT-Ruhuka and Haguruka
  • Media Type: Document