Closing the Gap

Micro-Finance in Africa: State-of-the-Sector Report

This review focuses on the potential for the savings-led microfinance (MF) movement in sub-Saharan Africa to close an important gap in MF so that all poor people can access the financial products and services (including most fundamentally savings, credit, insurance, and remittances) that they need to improve their lives and livelihoods.

In collaboration with Access Africa, CARE International advocates for micro-finance movement in sub-Saharan Africa and speaks to the initiatives of financial inclusion and local, small-level lending and saving within communities to help eradicate poverty throughout Africa. 

For further information, please see the attachment for the complete report.

  • PublicationDate: 01 Jan 2011
  • Author(s): CARE International and Access Africa
  • Related Programs: Vulnerable Women Program and Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program
  • Related Partners: All CARE Country Offices
  • Media Type: Document
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