CARE International's Women Empowerment Report

Strong Women, Strong Communities

CARE International's women empowerment report outlines their holistic approach to empowering women and girls across the globe in the fight against poverty.

CARE's theory of women empowerment, refined through research, programming, and partnership with others, identifies three critical factors:

  1. Women's own knowledge, skills, and aspirations
  2. The environments and structures that influence or dictate the choices women can make
  3. The relationships through which women negotiate their lives

CARE applauds the commitment to empowering women and girls that increasingly unites world leaders, activists, development experts and other agents of positive change around the world. As the spotlight focuses more intensely on this shared purpose, we take this opportunity to offer our perspective about what empowerment often consists of in country settings and what works best to empower women and girls. Based on these findings, we offer recommendations for policy and solutions for practice.

For further information, please see the attachment of the complete report.

  • PublicationDate: 01 Mar 2010
  • Author(s): CARE International
  • Related Programs: Vulnerable Women Program
  • Related Projects: All VW projects
  • Related Partners: All CARE Country Offices
  • Media Type: Document
Published in Advocacy
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