Community Score Card Model

Community Score Card Model




CARE Rwanda's Community Score Card Model (CSC) is a participatory process designed to engage citizens in assessing and giving feedback on the quality and effectiveness of the public services they receive. It allows citizens to participate in decision-making, call for transparency and accountability, and enable improvement in the quality of service delivery. CSC increase participation, accountability, and transparency between service users, providers, and decision-makers.

The CSC ensures that communities, service providers, and local authorities are brought together to collectively solve service delivery problems with each party playing a critical role in designing improvements. In Rwanda, the CSC has been highly appreciated by local athorities.



CARE Rwanda facilitated the implementation of the CSC in Gisagara District which was subsequently ranked first in a national campaign to identitfy best practices in the fight against corruption and injustice and promotion of good governance. As a result, the Rwanda Governance Board awarded a governance award to the district in 2013.


For further information, please see the attachement for the complete CSC toolkit.

Model Info

  • Date first used: 2011 June

  • Partners using model:

    CARE International

    CARE Rwanda:

    • Rwanda Governance Board
    • Local Authorities
  • Districts using model:
    • Gisagara