Innovation for Education Projects' Impact

Innovation for Education Projects' Impact
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Innovation for Education Projects Contribute to Improving the Quality of Education

As a resource to CARE Rwanda's Keeping Girls in School Project, this report gives an overview of how the KGAS partner, Innovation for Education, is changing the education of quality throughout Rwanda. 

The report looks at the Innovation for Education event where the celebrated the commencement of their 26 projects. The UK Government and the Rwandan Ministry of Education, the main partners and donors of the Innovation for Education, hope that their projects will not only change education in Rwandan but can be a model for all African countries.

For further information, please see the attachment for the event report. Also, see the KGAS Project for an overview of the project created in partnership between the Innovation of Education and CARE Rwanda.

  • PublicationDate: March 2013
  • Author(s): Innovation for Education
  • Related Programs: Vulnerable Women Program and Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Program
  • Related Projects: KGAS
  • Related Partners: UK AID & Rwandan Ministry of Education
  • District: Gicumbi
  • Media Type: Document