Policies and strategies (11)

CARE Rwanda sits on the foundations of government, public and NGO policies and strategies, that ensure that its work and practice are of the highest standards. Find out more here: 

The Republic of Rwanda's Ministry of Local Government, Information, and Social Affairs (MINALOC) as a part of their mission under the Government of National Unity have created the policy for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Rwanda. The principle mission has a committment to resolve social problems and to indentitfy and implement development interventions in the population. Due to this, they created the policy for the protections and improvment of OVC's lives. MINALOC declares that children should be cherished and have the opportunity to grow in moral, intellectual, and physical development in a protected and safe environment. On the basis of this policy, CARE Rwanda can operate its OVC Program with the support of the national and local government.

Please see the attachment for the full national policy. 

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