Early Childhood Development Policy


The Government of Rwanda's Early Childhood Development Policy outlines the services that need to be provided in order to ensure the progress of their ECD strategic plan.

Services for infants, young children, parents, legal guardians and other caregivers must address the needs of the child in a holistic manner. It is not possible for any one sector working alone to meet all of the complex requirements and needs of the young. It is essential that all sectors of government and society work together to support the holistic development of young children, while supporting their parents and legal guardians in their role of primary caregivers. A strong public-private and civil society partnership is an essential factor to achieve this vital objective. 

For further information, please see the attachment to read the entire policy.


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  • PublicationDate: 2011
  • Author(s): Rwandan Ministry of Education
  • Related Programs: Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program
  • Related Projects: ECD
  • Media Type: Document