Rwandan National Savings Mobilization Strategy

The growth of any economy depends on capital accumulation, which in turn depends on investment and an equivalent amount of savings to match it. Two of the most important issues in development economics and for developing countries are how to stimulate investment and increase the level of saving to fund increased investment. Understanding the determinants of the aggregate savings rate is a crucial prerequisite in designing a number of policy interventions; from the design of the tax and social security system to the layout of financial markets regulations. It is therefore not surprising that the analysis of saving behaviour has become one of the central issues in empirical macroeconomics.

CARE Rwanda uses this mobilization strategy to help promote financial inclusion within local communities for models such as their Village Savings and Loans Model.

Please see the attachment to read the entire strategy plan.

  • PublicationDate: 01 Jan 2008
  • Author(s): Government of Rwanda
  • Media Type: Document