Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights


“Safe Schools for Girls allowed us to explore sexual and reproductive health, we talked about sexual behaviours that are safer for the youth. We also learned how to report sexual and gender-based violence to an adult person who is close to us. Now I know how I could support a friend.”

Hyacentha participated in the CARE Rwanda Safe Schools for Girls Program with over 50,000 of her Rwandan peers. This program finds practical ways to help young people, particularly young women, to stay in education for longer.





Women and girls equipped with information to understand and engage with their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Creating safe spaces for girls to be able to talk about sexual and reproductive health, and the confidence to speak up, and articulate their rights. 

Integrating this work with life skills and savings groups, so that economic empowerment and increased confidence sits side by side with Adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights knowledge, is a powerful way to empower women and girls in Rwanda. 


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  • Start Date: Friday, 02 July 2021
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