Government Partners (13)

The Gender Monitoring Office (GMO), falling directly under the office of the Rwandan Prime Minister and being an important partner in knowledge of changes in the situation around women’s rights, is a key advocacy partner for CARE Rwanda in its work for gender equality, eradication of gender-based violence, and women empowerment.

For further information, please see the GMO website.

The Republic of Rwanda's Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) seeks to initiate, develop, and manage suitable programs of transformation and modernization of agriculture and livestock to ensure food security and to contribute to the national economy. (Referenced from the MINAGRI website). With the vision to modernize agriculture and livestock to achieve food security, MINAGRI partners with CARE Rwanda to enable better policies for agriculture and food security goals in the VW and OVC Programs.

For further information please see the MINAGRI website.

The Republic of Rwanda's Ministry of Education has the ambition to create skilled human capital in its people through education and the proliferation of knowledge. They are the primary actor responsible for the Rwandan educational sector and manages its educational policies. In collaboration with CARE Rwanda, MINEDUC creates policies that specifically helps OVC have access to better education. 

For further information please see the MINEDUC website.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) was formed in March 1997 from the joining of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning. This was done in order to improve the co-ordination between the functions of finance and planning. Its mission is to raise sustainable growth, economic opportunities, and living standards of all Rwandans with the vision to develop Rwanda into a country free of poverty. It has been instrumental to CARE Rwanda's work in areas of both the OVC and VW Programs through policy support.

For further information please see the MINECOFIN website. 

The Repubic of Rwanda's Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF) works to create stable families, gender equality, and complementarity. They have been partnering with CARE Rwanda's OVC and VW Programs to promote a conducive environment for family stability, gender equality, and child protection towards sustainable development. There mission is to:

  • Guarantee secure environment for all family members
  • Empower women and girls
  • Non-discrimination, complementarity, and gender equality promotion
  • Design and implement positive masculinity
  • Eradicate gender-based violence
  • Reinforce family unity and positive parenting

Under MIGEPROF, CARE Rwanda also works with the National Women's Council (NAWOCO) which is a national forum where women and girls come together to share their ideas and solutions for gender-based problems that they face in Rwanda.

For further information on the ministry, please see the MIGEPROF website and for the National Women's Council, please see the NAWOCO website. 

The Republic of Rwanda's Ministry of Health (MOH) seeks to lift Rwandan communities out of poverty through providing them with the means for a healthier and happier life-style. They work towards better nourished and disease reduced communities and with this mission, they have helped CARE Rwanda achieve many of their goals for healthier beneficiaries across both the OVC and VW Programs. 

For further information please see the MOH website.

The Republic of Rwanda's Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) helps supply clean and accessable infrastructure networks for transportation, sanitation, and sustainable power generation. In its partnership with CARE Rwanda, MININFRA creates policies that help impoverished communities access cleaner water and sanitation solutions.

For further information please see the MININFRA website.

The Republic of Rwanda's Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST) oversees the rule of law and justice in Rwanda at the national and community level. Its partnership with CARE Rwanda seeks to promote justice for all, including gender equality, eradication of marginalization, and policies against gender-based violence under both the VW and OVC Programs. 

For further information please see the MINIJUST website.

The Republic of Rwanda's Ministryof Local Government (MINALOC) works to engage citizen participation in local government activities as well as empowering local governments in the national dialogue. They seek better governance in the Rwandan government and work to initiate policies that advocate and mobilize CARE Rwanda's beneficiaries.

For further information please see the MINALOC website.